CBMap Re-Design

Micromango Studios did a fabulous job not only with the design of my web site but also with its functionality. For the first time, I have easy access to content allowing me to personally ensure that web site information is up-to-date. Victor also had many useful suggestions on how to improve functionality, extending my web…

Micromango Software

Founder and developer of Micromango Software. A software company that creates affordable, easy to learn and implement database desktop solutions. As an entrepreneur I; research, designed, wrote programming code and performed testing and debugging of applications using programming languages and technologies. Designed and created graphics and content for software products, support, website and marketing material….

Utilities Management System

Problem: Management, Administrators, Supervisors need a way to consistently access data that is been updated by different departments. The data collects important information related to the Utilities Department essential functions and employees spend a lot of time asking colleagues for document latest versions, contact’s phone numbers, safety and building issues and location of project drawings….

AutoCAD/MS Access Frontends with SQL Backend Integration

AutoCAD/MS Access Frontends with SQL Backend Integration Problem: Each Sub-Department at the Utilities Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder have specific requirements for spatial and spatial data and often, there is an overlap of information crucial to these sub-departments; operations, maintenance, management, etc. Equipment data is stored and maintained in an SQL database…