Spanish Niche Site Challenge

For the last three years I have been helping my dad develop his writing. He is a very creative person and loves history. Back in 2007 I suggested he should take on writing children stories.

At the beginning my Dad has terrible grammar and style. He kept at it despite all the up and downs that comes with learning computers and how they work.

He was 78 years old when he decided to learn computers and wordprocessors.

Have I mentioned that I am very, very proud of him? Yes, I am.

About a week ago I decided to take his website to the next level; to rank in the first page of google.

Everyday I do something to get him to rank in the first page.

A few strategies that I’m using are the following;

  • Submitting the website to blog directories
  • Getting one way links from edu domain names
  • Blogging his original content and existing public content
  • Creating a primary and secondary layers of content around the website
  • Using webmaster tools and adsense to track what google thinks the website is about.

Right now the website ranks in page 11 of google results. Let’s see how long will it takes to get the website to rank numbers one.