Spanish Children Stories Niche Website

A little less than a month ago I started my own SEO challenge. I decided then that I was going to sistematly rank my dad’s website to the first page of google. Since december 8, 2010 I have been looking a diferent how-to articles I can write about. This is, since it is a children’s story website most stories won’t have keywords the spiders can link to and categorize the site in under the right niche market.

Therefore, I started wirting and submiting articles to different blogs and article banks.

Between posting a new children story every other day and writing about how writing children’s stories will help your child improve in school I manage to get the website from page 12 to page 6.

This is an amazing progress since whenever it comes to websites SEO exposure is very important as it is search marketing and no interruption marketing.

The plan still to focus on ranking in the first page of google first. Then, I’m planning to do the following to establish my dad as an author and find a publishing house for his children book.

  1. Rank #1 google
  2. Promote computer video games to monetize the website
  3. Open an account with and become an affiliate
  4. Contact other children website owners and grow his audience by guest posting
  5. Contact succesful children book authors and ask relevant questions
  6. Contact publishers

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