My Father’s Business Logo

3 leaves #1 Leaf, Water and Clean #2 Leaf, House and Clean #3 Sketch (Concept) of a Logo to represent […]

Spanish Children Stories Niche Website

A little less than a month ago I started my own SEO challenge. I decided then that I was going […]

Spanish Niche Site Challenge

For the last three years I have been helping my dad develop his writing. He is a very creative person […]

Macondo Dance

Macondo Dance MultiMedia Website Macondo Artists Organizers Dancers

CBMap Re-Design

Micromango Studios did a fabulous job not only with the design of my web site but also with its functionality. […]

ODance Studio

ODance studio needs a website to showcase their class schedules, video hooping classes and locations.

Micromango Software

Founder and developer of Micromango Software. A software company that creates affordable, easy to learn and implement database desktop solutions. […]

Operation’s Trending System RDBS

Problem: The operations supervisor needs a tool that allows him to over impose different data sets with a minimal programming […]

Utilities Management System

Problem: Management, Administrators, Supervisors need a way to consistently access data that is been updated by different departments. The data […]

AutoCAD/MS Access Frontends with SQL Backend Integration

AutoCAD/MS Access Frontends with SQL Backend Integration Problem: Each Sub-Department at the Utilities Department of the University of Colorado at […]


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