AutoCAD/MS Access Frontends with SQL Backend Integration

AutoCAD/MS Access Frontends with SQL Backend Integration

Problem: Each Sub-Department at the Utilities Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder have specific requirements for spatial and spatial data and often, there is an overlap of information crucial to these sub-departments; operations, maintenance, management,
etc. Equipment data is stored and maintained in an SQL database with a frontend designed in MS Access. All spatial data is stored in vector based (AutoCAD) drawings. Supervisors and management want to use a frontend interface to access and analyzed spatial and spatial data

Solution: Design, create, implement and maintain a stable application database that can generate queries based on vector and spatial (text, number date) data. All graphical data are linked with attribute (spatial) data which are managed by a RDBMS. A solution needs to be developed using AutoCAD Map as a frontend with an SQL backend.

Result: Increased in cooperation and communication among departments.
Eliminated redundant spatial and aspatial data. Cleaner PID for all different systems of the Co-Generation plant. A substantial reduction of time used to track parts, quipment manufacturer, model, part number.

Enabled access to information across multiple departments apart from bringing in greater efficiency, speedy decision-making and transparency in the functioning.

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