Social Media Marketing Resume

We are looking for a social media marketing superstar to help grow our business and become part of our team. You must have a friendly demeanour, detail-oriented, and enjoy bringing your creative ideas to life.

Job Duties Include:
*Create/manage/maintain social media content
* Promote our Brand, Missions and Services across social media channels
* Develop and execute a social media calendar
* Coordinate posts and messaging on key campaigns
* Shoot, snap, edit and post A LOT of pictures
* Directly interact with consumers by providing engaging content and information about our services and replying to customers who ask questions or post concerns on Facebook.

Qualifications Include:
* Must be highly self-motivated
* Must have a minimum of 2 years in social media marketing
* Experience with social media marketing tools like Hootsuite
* Experience with digital performance analytical tools (Google Analytics, etc.)
* Understanding of SEO, SEM, and PPC a HUGE plus!
* Proficiency with analytics tools and software (Facebook Ads, Insights)

Slightly-OCD, Tech-Comfortable Customer Service / Project Manager (Westminster)

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compensation: Is an hourly rate to start at $15 and can increase from there
employment type: part-time
telecommuting okay
Hi my name is Peter Brissette, and I own a Marketing company in Colorado. I help small businesses generate more leads and sales in their (usually) brick-and-mortar businesses. Things are going well, so I’m looking for someone to help me.

Currently I only have a few part-time employee’s and a few freelancers helping me. I’m still too small to have full-time staff or full-time contractors.

We’re looking for that unique, Ace of All Trades unicorn with broad administrative and relational skills. They will love systems and processes, have an insane eye for detail, strong follow through, a high sense of urgency, and the ability to make leaders want to get things done. They will be self-managed and self-led (they won’t have a manager), and will lead us all specifically in the areas of administration, running our processes, leading and communicating regularly with our clients and outsourced vendors (marketing, IT, etc.), scheduling and other coordinating responsibilities.
I am looking to expand in a slow-but-steady kind of way. This job averages only 10 hours per week to begin with. Some weeks might be more, some less, but average is 8 to 10 hours per week. If things go well between us, and you’re interested, the opportunity may exist to increase to more hours per week/month. Obviously I’d like to grow alongside the winning applicant (you?) to offer as much employment as you’d like, although we need to walk before we can run.

The winning applicant (possibly you?) must absolutely have the following equipment:
– reliable high-speed Internet access
– fairly strong computer capable of handling media files (probably a Mac that’s 4 years old or newer)

The winning applicant (possibly you?) must absolutely have the following characteristics:
– very detail-oriented
– deadline-obsessed
– tech-comfortable and tech savvy
– average to above-average English, both written and spoken
– commitment to communicate plainly and regularly
– can easily use web based applications for tracking and updating progress

Additional skills include: (willing to train the right person)
– strong with spreadsheets and organizing information
– Project Management experience a huge plus

For our company to grow, everything must run on checklists, working with procedures, and effective project management.

You will be expected to:
– follow step-by-step procedures that already exist (follow them *exactly*)
– make suggestions to me on how to improve checklists (when you see legitimate improvement opportunities, and eventually given ownership of many of them (which means you get to decide)
– create step-by-step checklists for other staff to follow

Projects you’ll be involved in include:
– managing onboarding of new client projects
– keeping monthly client projects moving
– oversee website projects to ensure deadlines are met
– formatting and sending out emails

At this time, other possible tasks I foresee could include:
– occasionally format & publish videos to YouTube
– calling (at my cost) clients to schedule meetings

Who are you?
If you like a fluid, growing, expanding organization that is small, but growing, and if you enjoy helping us all figure out how to get there, we could be a good fit. If you are looking for a box within which you will find a clear list always (but not always) of tasks to perform and regularly set times to be “at work”, please do not apply — we don’t see life that way.

If you enjoy meaningful work, a focus on RESULTS not activity, detailed administrative work that you have to manage yourself, working very closely with other Stakeholders and clients half the time and completely on your own from home with no one watching the other half, we might be a good fit.

The ideal candidate loves to serve others and make THEM successful – this is what leaders do, and people deeply respect them for that serving/leading approach to life. They will serve others most through tackling the administrative, scheduling and planning side of the business, and helping build relationships with clients through regular interaction. This is a position for someone who wants to make meaning, not just money, and have an ongoing impact in the lives of business owners.

The ideal candidate also has a high sense of urgency, a love for the details, an ability to run systems, the desire to build relationships with customers, and the desire to figure out processes and make things run smoothly.

This person doesn’t have a need to draw attention to themselves, but they probably will, simply because they enjoy being helpful and have a sense of urgency about scheduling, details, processes, and keeping leaders and happy and moving forward. They can’t help themselves, they are always paying attention to the needs of others. They look at what is going on, see the hole that needs to be filled, and figures out how to fill it.

They are infectiously positive, which is very different than getting excited about shiny objects or chasing squirrels. They are not easily distracted by a constant stream of “new things”, but are very focused on seeing what they can do to help people get from where they are, to where they want to be.

Sincerity is their hallmark, and it comes out in a sincere interest in others, not in mushy emotionalism (although being emotional about seeing others is fine — we hug a lot at work). This is not a woo-woo crap position, but part of a core DMD success strategy that we value, which was articulated by Zig Ziglar — “If you help enough other people get to their goals, you will get to yours.”

This person lives in a world of abundance with the mindset, “How can I make you successful?”, not in a world of scarcity (there is only so much to go around, so I better get mine before I help you get yours.)

Point of Contact — You will be responsible to be the point of contact for various processes including responding to emails that come in from our website. You’ll be the person who will be able to check on internet issues in the office, our websites, and other processes and systems. We would like you to grow into being the contact point for our outsourced marketing team, and our outsourced website design and development team.

Performing a range of simple to sometimes complex office work – entering contact info, working with spreadsheets, tweaking Powerpoint presentations, updating flyers, sending e-newsletters, and changes, improvements, or organization of our content documents to name a few.

Working with word documents, spreadsheets, presentation software, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, our websites,,, Eventbrite, Active Campaign, Click Funnels, and other software & applications.

A Results-Based motivation — we don’t watch clocks. We all know what result we need to get and are focused on that. When that result is achieved, we go home. And no one decides for us when to do that — we’re all adults who figure it out based on the required result. In contrast, we are definitely NOT Time-Based (the car in the parking lot the longest does NOT win). Get your work done and go home.

Not knowing exactly what every day will hold driving yourself to three different meetings in three different locations one day, being all day in your home office the next day, half and half the third day, . . ..

Leading our leaders administratively – Acting as if you own the company — taking initiative and ownership, making decisions, thinking ahead and being proactive (we don’t need “reactive”), working with others to constantly make things better and deliver better products and services every day

Strategic mind for developing and running processes — we’re a very process driven company. People aren’t told what to do — we agree together what result we want and then we want you to figure out what process will work best for you to get that result. We will want you to run existing processes and make them better, and figure out when we need a new one — then make it happen.

If you know InDesign/PhotoShop and/or can do great Powerpoint presentations, and light WordPress, those are nice bonus skills, but won’t have any impact on you getting the position.

You can see that we see you as a leader, not an “admin”. In our company, EVERYONE is a leader in their area of expertise. No one will be telling you what to do in the areas of your strength. You will be leading others in your areas of expertise. You will be an integral part of Team DUDE, will attend our weekly team meetings (virtually or in person) for planning and strategy, and will be expected to chime right in as if you owned the place.

Preferred skills:
• Self-motivated, self-managed administrative leader — everyone in our company is self-managed — YOU WILL NOT HAVE A MANAGER. We work very closely as a team, and everyone leads from their areas of expertise. If you’re not comfortable leading us in the skills and responsibilities listed in this ad, and want to be told what to do, you will not be comfortable in our company.
• Sincere relational skills — not party-animal emotionalism (although being genuinely excited is fine, again — we hug a lot at work), but great people-sense. You know how to talk to just about anyone, can pick up the phone and speak to clients, vendors and stakeholders as if they were your good friend.
• The desire to serve others — you get energized by helping other people, serving them and making them successful.
• Applicants must have a wide range of administrative, process and communication skills as well as practical relational skills to lead our leaders in getting things done.
• Strong attention to detail — Can you follow every step in a process? Better yet, can you create a process? Are you great a follow up and making sure things get done when they need to be? Are you a good proof reader and enjoy editing documents? This ad is long for a reason. If you’re thinking it’s too long instead of thinking it’s great to get all the details about this company and this job, this isn’t the position for you.
• High sense of urgency — you need to push us, not the other way around.
• Great communication skills in person, on the phone, and in writing — you ask great questions and make people comfortable.
• Competency in word processing, databases, email, and maybe simple graphic design, along with cloud apps and social media sites.
• Team player — you enjoy working in “community”, not alone. You need to be around people to stay motivated.
• Ability to logically solve problems with little supervision
• Ability to organize, monitor, and track numerous ongoing and one-time activities, events and projects
• Initiative and the ability to figure things out on your own
• Comfortable with change and working in unknown situations
• Discretion in handling and communicating sensitive information
• Ability to manage multiple projects at once in a fast-paced environment
• A REALLY POSITIVE attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done

We don’t need to see your resume yet. Don’t send it. And please do not call.

– starting as soon as I find a qualified applicant; next few weeks would be nice, although I’m not going to rush the process. I need the right person in this position
– 30-day trial to begin; if we like each other we’ll continue

– first month (paid) at $15/hr
– each week may fluctuate somewhat, but average of 8 to 10 hours per week to start.

NOTE: I know I’m going to sound like a jerk for saying this, but I really respect both you and I’s time, so I’ll say this bluntly: if you dislike rules, checklists, guidelines, and/or pride yourself in being a “free spirit”, anti-authority, counter-culture, wildly creative, or super-alternative, this job is not for you. I’m looking for someone who will work within the current business “machine” I’ve built, and is eager to help me make it bigger, stronger, faster by embracing the checklist and process mindset. Following checklists and processes is imperative. For the sake of your time and mine, do not apply if you feel bogged down by checklists. Thank-you.

If you’re interested…Email via response to this ad.

In the subject line please write “Slightly OCD Project Manager from (insert your city/ town) interested in Marketing Job”

In the body, please write me a 14-sentence email including:

Three sentence opening salutation that says: “Hey there PB, what’s happening up in Colorado? My name is _____, I’m slightly OCD, am comfortable with technology, and love checklists. I’d like to apply for the job you posted on”

Reason #1 why you think this job is a fit for you. (black font, Courier, 3 sentences)

Reason #2 why you think this job is a fit for you (blue font, Verdana, 3 sentences)

Reason #3 why you think this job is a fit for you (red font, Courier, 3 sentences)

Two sentence closing including: the name of three blog posts you saw on my website, and a closing salutation including your name, email address, and phone number.

Note: Please do NOT attach a resume; if you are shortlisted I may ask for one later.

Thanks I know the *right* applicant will really like this job. Maybe it’s you

Peter 🙂