How To Create Quality Backlinks To Beat Your Competition

I have been slapped by Google !!

Ouch !!

The Slap

Last week Google decided to change their algorithm and my niche website when from position 31 to position 63 in one week.

Read more about this google algoritm update here;

All the effort that I’ve put together since the beginning of December 2010 went back about two months behind.

Frustration Knocks On My Door

Frustration is not a pretty visitor but I always try to look at it naked. Everytime, I get frustration or nervius I imagine my audience naked. So, once again I traced back my steps and try to wear google’s shoes.

Where did I go wrong and why will google sent my site back?

The only tricky and kind of gray hat things I did was to buy backlinking services from . Duh !! That’s probably why google send me back.

To double check, I went to google results and notice the number 1 website was still number one. So, this google update did not affect that website.

What Is My Competitor Doing That I’m Not?

I know that my content and structure is pretty tight in terms of SEO.

  • Meta Tags- Check !!
  • Description – Check !!
  • Content – Check !!
  • Backlinks – Not Check


Backlinks. So far I have taken the lazy approach to this but that was about to change. I went and gather all the backlinks of my number one competitor using the following site;

Then I contacted the first six website owners from the results table asking them to exchange links with me.

I started to notice a trend. These websites did not have a link to my number one google competitor. How and where is the link to number 1 site?

Comments !!

Most of these websites are blogger websites. This means you can create a comment with anchor text to your site easily. Most of these sites don’t have an approval process. So I prepare something like this;

<a href=” [my site name] “> [ anchor text] </a>

and added an honest comment to each one of these websites.

Now, We Wait

Ohh !! There is nothing to write about here. I’m actually sitting and waiting until the next google spider passes through my site. Hopefully it will help with the ranking.

Follow The Leader

For many years I tried to be a good engineer and come up with original groundbreaking ideas and approaches to do something. Guess what? Life is too short to reinvent the wheel. There is a reason why there are more than one person alive at a time. Don’t reinvent the wheel.